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We have been actively involved in developing the PiUp mobile application, an educational platform for learning mathematics through online courses. Leveraging modern technologies, we utilize Node.js and MongoDB for the Back-End, React Native for the Front-End, and ReactJS for the Admin interface. Golden Owl is committed to creating a diverse and engaging learning experience on both Android and iOS platforms.

Piup Mobile App


Integration of Backend and Frontend: Combining Node.js and MongoDB with React Native requires finesse to ensure the performance and stability of the application on both platforms.


User Data Management: Constructing a flexible data management system to track user learning progress while safeguarding personal information.


Implementing a Ranking System: Developing a flexible and accurate ranking system to foster healthy competition among users.


Using Node.js and MongoDB: Delivering scalability and efficient data processing on the server-side, while keeping the application flexible and responsive.


React Native for cross-platform development: Leveraging the power of React Native to create a unified application for both Android and iOS, reducing costs and development time.


ReactJS for the admin interface: Employing ReactJS to construct a flexible admin interface, facilitating effective content and user information management.

Final result

PiUp, Wiicamp’s mobile application, stands out for its stable performance on both Android and iOS platforms, meeting user requirements effectively. The educational content is of high quality, designed and taught by experienced instructors, ensuring diversity in learning materials. The app fosters a healthy competitive environment through its ranking system, motivating students to put in their best efforts. Beyond being a math learning tool, PiUp functions as a dynamic learning community, enabling users to track their progress and engage with fellow learners. Through the integration of advanced technology and innovative development strategies, Wiicamp has successfully crafted a premier PiUp application that comprehensively addresses the diverse learning needs of its users.

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