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Built on a modern technological foundation, Renter offers an advanced real estate management solution for landlords and property managers. By seamlessly integrating backend (BE) utilizing Node.js and MongoDB, frontend (FE) with React Native, and an administrative interface with React.js, we have developed a high-quality application that operates efficiently on both Android and iOS operating systems.

Renter Mobile App


The development process is not only stringent in terms of the technology we employ but also in addressing specific challenges within the real estate industry:


Complex Information Management: Managing and tracking information related to leasing in diverse buildings and apartments can become convoluted, demanding efficiency in note-taking and information management.


Robust Backend with NodeJS and MongoDB: Leveraging NodeJS and MongoDB for our backend empowers us to construct a robust system, ensuring high performance and flexible scalability.


Flexible Frontend with React Native: The flexibility of React Native has enabled us to create a smooth user interface that is compatible across both Android and iOS platforms.


Convenient Admin Interface with ReactJS: Utilizing ReactJS for the admin interface not only delivers a superior user experience but also facilitates easy monitoring and manipulation of information for seamless management.

Final result

Renter, with its seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies, has revolutionized the landscape of modern real estate management services. This platform enables property owners and real estate managers to effortlessly monitor the status of individual rooms, rental histories, invoices, and unit-specific revenues, streamlining the entire management process. Simultaneously, tenants benefit from an improved rental experience, receiving building notifications, accessing contracts, and reviewing online payment histories for enhanced convenience and transparency. Beyond its role as an efficient management tool, Renter acts as a crucial link between landlords and tenants, fostering a connected digital ecosystem that prioritizes convenience and transparency for both parties.

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